Schwan’s Home Delivery Service

If you have ever thought of getting food delivered directly to your house, I have one recommendation: Schwan’s Home Delivery. I have tried other home delivery services and Schwan’s beats them hands down. They have food in every category from appetizers to desserts, including their Livesmart line, which have healthy standards. I feel that their products are far superior then similar products you can find in the grocery stores and their selection is phenomenal.

Schwan’s has an entire meat section including beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Their prices are comparable to my local grocery store prices for the same products. In the beef category they have filet mignon, new york strips, fully cooked pot roast with gravy, prime rib, Italian meatballs, and hamburgers. Under the pork category they have ribs, prepared BBQ pork, bacon, loin chops, and sausages, to name just a few. The poultry section is enormous including a variety of prepared chicken meals. This includes chicken nuggets, which my kids absolutely love, wings, and diced chicken breast meat. If you enjoy seafood, you must try their shrimp scampi and Alaskan salmon.

This company also has complete entrees that can be put into the microwave or oven. It’s just heat and serve fettuccini alfredo with chicken and broccoli, roasted turkey with vegetables, lasagna, and soups. These entrees are wonderful for quick meals. They also have multi-serve entrees for larger families or gatherings. logistics in Manila

The appetizers have been a staple at our house for over a year. This food has become part of what we call our family room nights. We rent a movie and I bake up several different appetizers to munch on throughout the movie. Mozzarella sticks, spinach and artichoke bread bowls, jalapeno poppers, and pork egg rolls are just a few that my family enjoys.

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I cannot forget about Schwan’s desserts and ice cream. Their pies are absolutely delicious. Most are just thaw and serve, but the fruit pies need to be baked. Schwan’s ice cream is wonderful, especially their super premium line. I love their peanut butter passion and black raspberry supreme. They also have frozen yogurt, sherbet, ice cream cones, single serve cups, lemon and cherry ice, and ice cream sandwiches.

Schwan’s also has a large selection of frozen vegetables, pastas, sauces, bread, pizzas, breakfast foods, fruits, and juices. This is convenience at its best. I was stuck in the house with two sick kids and I was able to order orange juice and popsicles right off the truck.

All of Schwan’s frozen vegetables are included in their Livesmart food line. There is food from every category that qualifies. The standards are products that are lower in fat, calories, and sodium. These products also contain no trans fat. Schwan’s is also getting into the no sugar added category.

Schwan’s has a seasonal catalogue that comes out about every three months. This catalogue has featured recipes and products for the season. Their recipes are very creative and delicious. Also included in the catalogue are portion sizes and preparation. If you don’t have a representative in your area, you can go to and type in your zip code to receive one. Delivery schedules are every other week.

I love the convenience of having frozen food delivered every other week right to my doorstep. If you have small children, a busy lifestyle, or just want easy, great tasting food, Schwan’s Home Delivery is for you.