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A fan of salmon? You’re not alone, more than half the population is. The fishes falling under the family of Salmonidae have a ray-finned exterior and are often denoted as salmons.

The native habitat of salmon is attributed to the Pacific ocean and North Atlantic Oceans. Salmon is a popular menu item that is widely consumed across the globe.  More than five million tonnes, I repeat, five million tonnes of salmon are traded every year. That is quite a lot of salmon!

Chile and Norway hold the record for being the most well-established traders of salmon in the global market. The salmon family also includes char, trout, whitefish, and grayling, all of which also form popular seafood items.

buy frozen salmon online is compressed into a cube shape and is popularly known as fillets. The salmon fillet packet on average consists of about four to five pieces and is weighed at five hundred grams.

Salmon are used to making a variety of dishes and are heavily versatile. The meat can be cooked, fried, baked, grilled, or roasted in lieu of its dish.

Apart from their mouth-watering taste and easy availability, salmons also contain proteins and fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.

So click on the number of salmon fillet packets you need and start planning all the different dishes you can make.