What Happens To Your Trash: According To Disposal Services Singapore.

The Separation

A waste transit centre receives and organises trash, recyclables, and other items before transporting them to the proper location. It is usually a recycling centre or a landfill. In addition to recycling, waste sorting saves natural resources by avoiding the need for large collection trucks to travel long distances to landfills.

According to disposal services singapore, recyclable goods such as plastic bottles, paper, and metal are removed from household waste.Recyclable materials are segregated and transferred to neighbouring recycling sites to reuse.

Waste to energy plants

Sometimes the waste is sent to an incinerator or other form of a waste-to-energy plant in some areas. The organic substances are burned inside incinerators and converted into ash, gas, and heat. The mixture is filtered to eliminate any solid particles or hazardous gases before the ashes and fumes are emitted into the air. The heat, thus, generated by incineration can be used to produce electricity, effectively turning your rubbish into a resource.


Non-recyclable waste is disposed of in landfills. Trash is intentionally piled with complicated liners and drainage systems in contemporary landfills, allowing it to rot organically considering its environmental effects. Once a landfill is filled, disposal services in singapore cover and seal it with at least two feet of soil to prevent the trash from migrating and toxins from entering the environment.

The most typical resting place for your rubbish is a landfill. Composting centres, anaerobic digestion, and incineration are some eco-friendly solutions available in some locations.